Trail Riding on Paso Fino Horses

Our 1.5 to 2-hour trail rides will take you on shady wooded bridle paths, into open meadows, by quiet ponds and over ridge-lines that offer surprise vistas. The pace of the ride can vary slightly, dependent upon the skill level of the riders. Keep in mind that our purpose is to take-in the scenery, on winding, partially rocky trails, so we’ll maintain a brisk walk for the majority of the ride. When appropriate, we certainly take the opportunity to move it up a notch, to the energetic paso corto (the speed equivalent of a trot).

* Trail rides are offered daily at 9am and 4pm (with some flexibility, dependent upon location and type of ride; see below) by reservation only.

* Our group size is no larger than 5 people and you will be accompanied by a seasoned trail guide.

* Private tours can be customized according to your experience level and desired length of ride, to a certain extent. Please inquiry via email to discuss options, availability and additional costs.

* Due to the “Spanish stature” of our steeds, we do have a strict weight limit of 220 pounds.

* Children: Our minimum age limit is 8 years old, as very young and inexperience children are not suited for long trail rides. Small children are not permitted to ride with an adult, as it is dangerous. Safety is our number one concern!

Trail Options

The Scenic Trail Ride

ERC View WaterERC View Ride1.5 hour tour directly from the farm. We’ll take you on wooded trails, over varied terrain, with nice views of the Cape and mountain-like scenery. There are opportunities to pick up the pace in the latter half of the ride and options to increase the length of the ride for specialty/private tours (please inquire). The cost is $100 per person (group tour) and $125 per person (private tour).

* We can trailer to other conservation areas nearby if you have the desire to ride with us on more than one occasion or you seek a longer ride. Prices and times dependent upon location.


 The Beach Ride


ERC Rearview   Beach2-hour tour located a short trailer ride from the farm. You meet us there and we’ll ride along the water and across tidal flats. There are opportunities to paso and take pictures. The days/times we go to the beach are dependent upon the tides (we prefer low tide in morning/evening hours) and no weekends (Memorial Day – Labor Day), to avoid crowds. The cost is $200 per person (group tour) and $250 per person (private tour, when available). PLEASE RESERVE WELL IN ADVANCE AS AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED!


The Family Farm Ride

This is a great option for families with young and/or inexperienced children, that are looking to get in the saddle for a short jaunt around the farm. We have a nice trail that winds through the woods and through our open pastures , with a water view. Offered at the conclusion of our morning ride, @ 11AM. The length of the ride is approximately 30 minutes and the cost is $40 per person. Please email or call for scheduling.


Pony Ride

ERC LessonsERC Pony RidesSince our trail ride is not appropriate for our youngest and least experienced equestrians, we do offer a 15-minute pony ride. Each child is seated on his/her own horse, and taken on a hand-led ride around our water view pasture. Interaction with our horses is encouraged and fun! Pony rides are offered at the conclusion of our morning trail ride, @ 11AM. The cost is $20 per child. Please email or call for scheduling.




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