Welcome to the Eastern Shore!

Let's hit the trails and show you just how beautiful the Eastern Shore of Virginia really is! 
Our gaited Paso Fino horses are known as "the smoothest riding horses in the world" and
we swear there is no better way to see ANYWHERE!

Join us on our historic farm, Eyreville Plantation, that lies at the top of Cherrystone Creek.
We're located just 15 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and 10 minutes from
lovely Cape Charles. We have an abundance of nature and history to share with everyone!


Trail Riding on Paso Fino Horses

Our well-trained Paso Fino geldings have a pep in their step that you'll find refreshing yet reassuring; making them great fun for novice and advanced riders alike. On our trail rides we'll take you on winding wooded paths, along farm roads, over dams that create our fresh water ponds and best of all, miles of shoreline trails. Often times we see whitetail deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles, and plenty of shorebirds (our favorite being the Blue Heron).


The pace of the ride can vary slightly, dependent upon the skill level of the riders. However, do keep in mind that our purpose is to take-in the scenery, so we’ll maintain a brisk walk for the majority of our ride. When appropriate, we certainly take the opportunity to move it up a notch, to the energetic paso corto (the speed equivalent of a trot that is a very smooth gait, specific to this breed of horse).




  • 1.5 hour group & private trail rides are offered daily, at
    9AM & 4PM, to avoid the heat of day, with some flexibility,
    by reservation only.

  • If you have the desire to ride with us on more than one occasion or you seek a longer ride, we have plenty of trails to choose from! Prices/times adjusted accordingly. Please inquire via email or phone.

  • Group Rides $75 per person. Private rides $100 per person.

  • We can accommodate up to 8 riders.

  • Due to the “Spanish stature” of our steeds (they’re a bit smaller than other trail horses you may have ridden), we do have a strict weight limit of 220 pounds.

  • Children: Our minimum age limit is 8 years old (with some experience) for the trail ride, as very young and inexperience children are not suited for long rides, and control over their horse is imperative. Small children are not permitted to ride with an adult, as it is dangerous. Safety is our number one concern!

  • Long pants and shoes that stay on your feet are advised. Appropriate attire is recommended for your comfort and safety, but not required.

  • Helmets are provided and are mandatory. No exceptions.

Private Trail Rides

Are you advanced riders that want to go for a more upbeat jaunt around the farm? Or beginners that want a more personal, one-on-one experience?  We have miles and miles of wooded trails and field roads that create a nice mix of relaxing scenery and opportunities for experiencing the smooth gait of our Paso Fino horses. If you'd like to ride longer than the usual 1.5 hour private ride, please include your detailed request within the reservation form. We'll do our best to create a personalized experience just for you!


Pony Rides

For small children, ages 2 ~ 10, we offer a 15-minute hand-led "mini trail ride" on our most docile horses. We'll loop around our waterfront pasture and visit with the other horses.  Offered at the conclusion of
our morning trail ride (approximately 10:45am). The cost is $20 per child. Please call us a day or two
ahead to schedule.



Elizabeth Buyrn grew up here, on Eyreville, the family farm. She was horse crazy from the start and was fortunate to have a family of horse lovers to nurture her passion. Her own first horse was a purebred Arabian named "Authority", that took her from tearing around the farm bareback, to formal riding lessons and showing. Although she knew horses would always be an important part of her life, she didn't dare assume a career with them would feasible; until she moved to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico in 2006. The local Paso Fino horses were fancy, spunky and fun, just like her Arabians at home! She saw the opportunity to start a trail riding business on a Caribbean island, with beautiful horses, and the rest is history! She's thrilled to be home, even if it's just for the summer months, to share her passion for pretty horses and exploring nature, with you on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Riding on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

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