Our Paso Fino horses, commonly referred to as “The Kids”, are very well-behaved and easy to handle, even for less experienced riders and children. The attribute that really sets them apart is the gait that only the Paso Fino horse possesses. No special shoeing or training aids, it is totally natural and normally exhibited from birth. It is an evenly-spaced four-beat lateral gait with each foot contacting the ground independently in a regular sequence at precise intervals creating a rapid, unbroken rhythm. Executed perfectly, the four hoof beats are absolutely even in both cadence and impact, resulting in unequaled smoothness and comfort for the rider. The Paso Fino is also capable of executing other gaits that are natural to all horses, including the relaxed walk, the canter and the gallop.

In addition to this crew of Paso Finos, we have two Arabian mares that are products of my family’s breeding program. You might find them guiding your tour.

ApolloApolo de Willaway “Apollo”

(Aldeano del Sol Reye x Mireya de Sucesor)

This smooth riding gentleman is a blast to ride for any level rider and loves attention. He’s quite shy at first, but warms up to you quickly and starves for more. His extra long bangs (forelock in horse language) makes up for his lacking in the tail department (very short!). You’ll see what I mean (:

Thank you to trainer/agent Paul Marlowe of El Escudero Paso Finos, Mooresboro, NC.




Corazon de Fiesta “Corazon” – FOR SALE

The baby of the crew, this six year old is a prime example of a naturally-gaited Paso Fino, with a super laid back mentality, that can fire up and be a blast to ride for our intermediate and experienced riders. Don’t tell the older boys, but Corazon is actually the boss of the herd!

He is willing over all trail obstacles and would be a great, steady trail mount for an advanced beginner on up. We have traveled and camped together in the mountains and beyond. He pickets and is comfortable in small electric fence paddocks. Adjusts to situations with ease and is very personable. Great feet, no vices. The only reason I am considering selling him to a great home is because he has a tight, slower corto that makes it harder for him to keep up with our longer strided largo horses on the trail (he’s the minority!). He will be available in September 2017. Please inquire on price.

Thank you to breeder Connie Wolkowicz for introducing us!


BombiLa Bomba “Bombi”

For 15 years this guy has graced the pastures of Eyreville Farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and it wasn’t until last year that I realized what a real gem he truly is. Although he’s been the “guest” horse on our farm, Bombi always had a mind of his own that determined who was really in charge. I guess he’s mellowed in his older age as he has agreed to be quite the perfect beginner mount for our children and smaller riders.





This guy came to us from basically unknown origin and has proven himself to be a great addition to the herd. His willingness to please is quite evident to his riders and he’s turned out to be great for younger clients. He has a very smooth, natural paso that keeps him near the front of the pack! His antics in the pasture make him a farm favorite: ninja-like escapes out of the paddock for greener grass and simply to just hang with his humans.




FuegoEl Fuego de Andante “Fuego”

(Andante de Besilu x Sofia de Suleyka)

The mighty Fuego can take you anywhere you want to go, all day long. This guy has endurance and speed at the quarto that makes him fun for experienced riders. You won’t find a smoother gaited horse than this guy!

Great thanks to Ann Howell of Riverview Farms, Mt. Jackson, VA.



MaximoQuatro’s Maximo “Max”

(Quatro Pistones del Paso x Oksana La Maria)

One of the bigger guys in our herd, he is an adamant follower (not at all into leading the pack!) and is quite content with any level rider he takes out; young, old, small or big. He really seems to love his job!

Max was purchased from BJ & Gary Schuler of Hillside Farms, Telford, PA.



Mateo n CassMiddlefield’s Casanova & Mateo

Maternal brothers and best buddies. You won’t find them far from one another. Cass is the biggest boy we have and Mateo is tall and slender. Both are very gentle and kind.


Thanks to Lisa Gorsuch of Middle Field Farm Paso Finos, Taneytown, MD for breeding these beautiful boys!


Olimpico Diamante “Rascal” Rascal

(Rio de Ventura x Olympia la Estrella)

His show days are behind him and he loves to trail ride! This big boy is appropriately named as he certainly thinks he’s the boss in this established herd. Spunky and sweet all rolled into one!

All the best to Evelyn & Jack Kerr of Sharon, SC for trusting us with little Rascal.


Diamonte de Springhill “Amigo” – New this season!

(Aprendiz de La Hacienda x Jaleo del Cardo)

This sweet boy easily earned his nickname when he joined the herd this past winter. He’s a strapping lad with a smooth gait and easy-going attitude. He’ll be camping and guiding this spring to get him up to par with his coworkers, but it won’t take long till he joins the client-horse ranks.





BA Sundarah “Dee”

(Exxon by High Hopes++ x BA Autumn by Bask’s Symbol)

She might be a girl, but she rules the roost at this farm full of boys! Must have something to do with her blonde locks and sassy attitude. Besides those obvious characteristics, she is a great guide horse.




AlorahBA Alorah “Ally”

(Exxon by High Hopes++ x BA Autumn by Bask’s Symbol)

This little lady is a mirror image of her beautiful mother that taught me so much as a child. She is the sweetest, most “in-your-pocket”, spunky gal that was a hit with the YMCA kids. She too is one of our guide horses.