Welcome to Vieques!

A Caribbean island that offers miles of beautiful beaches and rolling hills full of the most colorful flora and fauna for you to explore! So let’s get off the beaten path and experience Vieques the way locals do…from the back of a smooth-gaited, island-bred Paso horse!  Let the Caribbean Cowgirls show you there is no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of our island!


We will be closed October & November 2017 for farm and trail repairs. Once things improve, please come see us and support Vieques!

Trail Rides

Consist of a guided two-hour loop through the hills, open meadows, woods, river bottoms and two beaches in the Esperanza area that you cannot access by car. We conclude the ride with a walk through our beautiful waterfront pasture, overlooking the south-side of the island, Black Sand Beach and Esperanza. Although our trail is mostly viewed at a walk, we do move up to the paso corto (a smoother version of the trot) where appropriate. Don’t forget your camera!

Known for their willingness to please and gentle nature, Esperanza Riding Company’s horses are perfect for first-time riders, vacation riders, experienced equestrians and children alike.

* We offer two-hour trail rides at  8AM and 4PM, daily; to avoid mid-day heat.   Reservations are required.

* Our tours are never larger than 10-12 riders.

* The group trail ride costs $80 per person.

* Due to the small, more narrow stature of our Spanish steeds, we have a strict weight limit of 225 pounds and must consider height and experience level, especially when weight exceeds 200 pounds. We realize this is a sensitive subject, but please understand that the safety of our horses and riders is very important to us and we reserve the right to refuse service.

*Please dress for the occasion. Long pants and shoes that stay on your feet are advised. Appropriate attire is recommended for your comfort and safety, but not required – if shorts and sandals are all you have!

Private Trail Rides

Perhaps you are a group of experienced riders or a couple, simply looking for a romantic experience with your partner. We take the same trails as the group tour, but you have more freedom within the ride – to pick up the paso gait more often or just walk, more chances to take photos and you’ll have your own personal guide. The cost is $125 per person.


Although we do not have a strict minimum age limit for our trail rides, we do suggest our younger riders be physically capable and/or have at least some experience in the saddle. They must have the confidence and ability to control their own horse, the listening skills to take their guide’s instructions and the endurance and attention span to ride for two hours. Generally speaking, children ages 8 and under and inexperienced youngsters (under 10 years) are better suited for our family farm ride or pony rides. We do NOT allow children to ride with adults as this is potentially very dangerous.

ERC Pony

 Pony Rides

For small children, under parental supervision, we offer a 15-minute hand-led “mini trail ride” on our most docile horses. Offered at the conclusion of our morning trail ride (approximately 10:30am). The cost is $20 per child. Please call us when you arrive on island to schedule.

Family Farm Rides

familyParents, you have young children and you all want to ride, but the kids aren’t ready for our two-hour trail ride. We have a solution! You each get your own horse, we hand-lead the little ones (if necessary) and we take you for a 20-minute loop around our beautiful waterfront pasture. There is a great spot for that Christmas card photo too; overlooking Black Sand Beach and the south shore of the western side of the island. We offer this tour at about 10:30AM and the cost is $30 per person. We do need a height, weight and experience level for each rider, so please have this information ready. Call us when you arrive on island to reserve.

 Special Occasions

Is there a special occasion that you would like us to help you with? Perhaps you’d like to propose on horseback at sunset or even exchange your nuptials on horseback! Do you envision your wedding party riding beautiful horses down a palm tree-lined beach?  Engagement and “Trash the Dress” photo shoots can be arranged also! Present us with your ideas and we will do our best to make it happen!

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ElizYour guide, Elizabeth Buyrn, from The Eastern Shore of Virginia, has called the island of Vieques home since 2006. Although she grew-up training and showing Arabian horses, she has found her calling astride the local Paso Fino-bred horses. She is happy to combine her love of horses, people and adventure to bring you a unique, personalized experience that you won’t forget. Happy Trails!